HTC Nexus One

This is building passion's memo :-)
IMPORTANT: I don't know it's work or not. OK, it's work fine!

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Gingerbread Build Tips

Quick resolved linking error building 'gingerbread' for passion.
Camera HAL has been changed since gingerbread for multi-camera support.

  • undefined reference to 'HAL_openCameraHardware'
  • undefined reference to 'HAL_getCameraInfo'

How to ?

  1. mkdir -p gingerbread/myapp/libpassioncameraif
  2. copy cameraif.cpp and
  3. cd gingerbread/myapp/libpassioncameraif
  4. mm
  5. cd gingerbread/frameworks/base/services/camera/libcameraservice
  6. edit
LOCAL_SHARED_LIBRARIES += libpassioncameraif  <<< add this line


//  passion-cameraif/cameraif.cpp
//    passion(froyo) '' wrapper for gingerbread
#include <camera/CameraHardwareInterface.h>
#include <binder/MemoryBase.h>
#include <binder/MemoryHeapBase.h>
using namespace android;
// passion(froyo)
extern "C" sp<CameraHardwareInterface> openCameraHardware();
static CameraInfo sCameraInfo[] = {
        90,  /* orientation */
extern "C" int HAL_getNumberOfCameras()
    return sizeof(sCameraInfo) / sizeof(sCameraInfo[0]);
extern "C" void HAL_getCameraInfo(int cameraId, struct CameraInfo *cameraInfo)
    memcpy(cameraInfo, &sCameraInfo[cameraId], sizeof(CameraInfo));
extern "C" sp<CameraHardwareInterface> HAL_openCameraHardware(int /*cameraId*/)
    return openCameraHardware();

LOCAL_PATH:= $(call my-dir)
include $(CLEAR_VARS)
LOCAL_SRC_FILES:= cameraif.cpp
LOCAL_SHARED_LIBRARIES:= libcamera libutils liblog libcutils
LOCAL_MODULE:= libpassioncameraif
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